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Across the two cities, there’s a diverse range of areas to live in, whether you want to live on Bristol’s waterfront, in the city centre, or in one of Bath’s affluent suburbs, there’s something for you. We’ve put together a guide to the best places to live in Bristol, and Bath to help you decide where to focus your property search.

Where to live in Bristol

Bristol offers plenty of options, whether you’re looking to buy a modern flat or a large family home.


Clifton is one of the most sought-after areas of Bristol. Once a separate settlement which was mentioned in the Domesday Book (making it one of the oldest areas in the city!), it was incorporated into Bristol in the 1830s.

There’s a great choice of houses to buy in Clifton, with period Georgian and Victorian terraced homes lining its street. The best example of this type of architecture is Royal York Crescent, which is reputed to be the longest crescent in Europe. Filled with listed buildings, it’s a beautiful street which also offers spectacular views over the rest of the city. Clifton is also home to the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge, which is often used as the symbol of the city.

Clifton is a great choice for families, with a number of highly-rated schools in the area and easy access to the green space of The Downs. However, with easy commuting to the city centre (roughly 30 minutes by bus), it’s also a great choice for young professionals looking to work in the bustling city and live somewhere quieter.

Totterdown and Temple Meads

Totterdown, just over a mile from Bristol city centre, is one of the best areas to live in Bristol, and is particularly popular with first time buyers. The narrow streets are lined with Victorian and Edwardian houses, most of which are painted in bright colours, giving this area an artsy feel.

The area has a great community feel, with a tight-knit community that spills out of the terraced houses and onto the streets for annual festivals and the Totterdown Arts Trail, where artists open their homes to display their work.

It’s also home to Vale Street, which is allegedly the steepest residential street in England. Totterdown is just a short walk from Temple Meads, where you’ll find the city’s largest train station, and the whole area is undergoing regeneration, with plans to create a new campus for the University of Bristol in Temple Meads.

Leigh Woods

If you’d prefer to live in a more rural area, then consider Leigh Woods. Leigh Woods is a National Trust nature reserve of two square kilometres. It offers incredible views over Avon Gorge and there’s a plethora of walking trails, making you feel like you’re far from the city centre.

Living in this area is a great choice for those who want to be close to nature. Located across the Clifton Suspension Bridge, it takes around half an hour to reach the city centre by bus, so it’s still convenient for working in the city.

The residential area in Leigh Woods is relatively small, and the majority of houses are large detached homes. It’s a beautiful area to live in Bristol, but the house prices reflect its exclusivity, making it one of the most expensive areas to buy a property in the city.


Redland and Cotham

Redland and Cotham offer a great alternative to buying a house in Leigh Woods, with access to plenty of green spaces and more affordable property prices. There’s a great mixture of large family homes and flats to buy in this area, making it the perfect choice for families, couples and individuals looking to buy a new home.

It’s popular with families thanks to the highly rated schools in the area at both primary and secondary, and children’s play areas in St Andrew’s Park, Cotham Gardens and Redland Green.

Just 1.6 miles from Bristol city centre, it’s an easy walk into town for work or pleasure, but there’s also a wide range of amenities in the area, meaning you don’t have to venture far for all your needs.

Best Areas to Live in Bath

Bath also has its fair share of great areas to settle down in, whether you’re moving as a family, a couple or on your own.



A suburb of Bath with a population of just over 5,000 people, Weston is a great choice for those who want to live slightly outside of the city centre, and enjoy the quieter pace of life that this offers.

Located to the north west of the city centre, Weston has a strong community vibe. It’s a good choice for families, with a couple of highly-rated primary schools in the area, as well as lots of open green spaces.



Described by The Sunday Times in 2015 as a “trendy urban village”, Larkhall is popular with families, young professionals and couples who love the community vibe and independent local shops.

Larkhall is just 1.2 miles from Bath city centre, and is a great option for those who are relocating to Bath and want all the benefits of being close to the city. Living in Larkhall, though, you don’t really need to venture into Bath as the area has everything you need, including an infant school, junior school and secondary school, all of which are well-regarded.


Combe Down

Just 1.5 miles to the south of Bath city centre, the village suburb of Combe Down is the perfect place to buy a house if you’re a nature lover. The village is surrounded by large woodland areas, including Fairy Wood, Long Wood, Klondyke Copse and Rainbow Wood, incorporating part of the Bath Skyline Trail that offers great views over the city.

The properties in Combe Down are varied, meaning there’s something to suit every taste, from Bath stone-built villas dating from the 18th and 19th century to workers’ cottages, as well as Georgian and Victorian period properties.

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