Privacy Policy

First Mortgage Privacy Policy

Here at First Mortgage, we care about our customers. We know that the internet and your data are of significant importance, and just like our offline security and data protection is of the highest importance and highly regulated, we extend this care to our online business and its customers.

Specifically, we want you to know the following key points about our online Privacy Policy:

The information collected on this website is protected by a variety of recognised techniques to ensure your data is protected.

At no stage are you forced to register or provide any information whilst reading the content of this website.

When we collect your information it is screened to ensure its validity and is used for the process of assisting you in your search for mortgage advice from trained industry professionals at your request.

We do employ cookies, only for demographic & website analytics packages and services provided by Google.

We have a strict policy on content additions and perform audits to do our best to keep content up to date.

If you are concerned about your privacy of data we are happy to speak with you about this directly via one of the contact options found from our homepage. We will do out best to resolve your questions.

Thanks for viewing our Privacy Policy and thanks for choosing First Mortgage