First Mortgage Company Values

Letter F


We aim to treat our clients as we would our friends by:

  • Developing long term business relationships
  • Working in harmony as a team with all our partners to ensure the best possible outcome for our client.
  • Encouraging our clients to approach us, as we will approach them, to help them to achieve their objective of owning their own home.
Letter I


We act honestly, openly, fairly and ethically in all that we do by:

  • Challenging things we believe to be wrong and to be open to challenge from others.
  • Being accountable for failure as well as success and not allocate blame.
Letter R


Our clients can count on our professionalism to:

  • Provide excellent service
  • Use our experience and expertise to provide holistic advice around buying and owning their home.
Letter S


We aim to support you through the home owning process by:

  • Simplifying all the terminology and jargon
  • Providing sufficient information in a clear, concise manner and in a timely fashion
  • Ensuring that you understand this information to enable you to make an informed decision from a position of strength.
Letter T


We respect your trust in us and will strive to live up to this trust by:

  • Focussing on your interests alone
  • Being impartial to any third party involvement in meeting your solutions
  • Being open about what we are doing on your behalf, who we are dealing with and why.