Capital Raising Mortgage

There are many reasons why you might wish to raise capital on your home.

A capital raising mortgage can help you secure funds for anything from renovations and improvements to investing in another property. First Mortgage can find the right capital raising mortgage for your needs. With access to over 10,000 products, we are experts in locating the best deal out there for you.

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What is a capital raising mortgage?

Capital raising mortgages are usually ways of remortgaging your house to release funds for other purposes. The cash could be for home improvements, a holiday, a new car or simply to consolidate existing debts. Many people use remortgaging to take advantage of lower mortgage interest rates when consolidating all their loans into one manageable monthly fee.

Is a capital raising mortgage right for you?

A capital raising mortgage can be a very useful short-term solution to financial problems, whatever you need the money for. The lower interest rates mean that by increasing your mortgage, you will likely pay less than getting an unsecured loan. However, you should consider the fact that it will mean larger mortgage repayments and a longer repayment term. There may also be early repayment charges on your current mortgage.

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