Income Protection Insurance

Prepare for the unexpected by arranging an income protection insurance plan with First Mortgage.

Income protection will provide you with a monthly income in the event of an unforeseen sickness or accident in your life, helping you keep up with mortgage or any other loan repayments. First Mortgage can search the income protection market to find you the best income protection insurance quotes in the UK.

What is income protection?

Simply put, income protection offers borrowers the security of knowing that their essential repayments will be made if their life takes an unpredicted turn.

For example, if you’re in an accident and are temporarily made immobile, a lack of comprehensive income protection cover could mean that you’re forced to rely solely on state disability benefits – around £70 per week – which won’t be enough to keep up with your mortgage repayments. Income protection plans, however, will provide you with a tax free monthly payment until you’re able to work once again. Other income protection plans even allow for cover up to retirement age.

Find other mortgage protection plans with First Mortgage

First Mortgage guarantees to find the best income protection deal to suit your personal circumstances. Moreover, First Mortgage offers a range of protection plans that will help you build up comprehensive life cover, including mortgage life assurance, accident, sickness and unemployment cover and buildings and content insurance.

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