Building and Contents Insurance

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What is building and contents insurance?

Unfortunately, we all live in a world where accidents and thefts do happen. From floods and fires, to burglary and vandalism, there are risks to your possessions and your home that can cost thousands unless you are covered with a suitable building and contents insurance policy. Building and contents insurance can be taken out either as combined cover, or separately. Different lenders offer different benefits, but most will cover you for such things as fire, theft, flood or damage.

What about mortgage protection?

In addition to building and contents insurance, there are also many different ways to protect your mortgage payments in case of sickness, redundancy or even death. The main types of life and mortgage protection are:

  • Mortgage life assurance – a guarantee that allows outstanding repayments to be fully paid off in the event of death. Dependents will not have the mortgage passed on to them.
  • Term life insurance – this covers the holder for a set period of time, often with premiums increasing over the course of the term.
  • Mortgage payment protection – usually covers disability and unemployment for a set number of days.
  • Accident, sickness, unemployment cover – similar to payment protection, but with specific accident and sickness cover.
  • Income protection – this cover helps you maintain a monthly income in the event of accidental injury or sickness

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